AP Publishing is a motivated team of technicians, liguists and IT specialists with a passion for technical writing. Founded in Pisa, Tuscany, in 2004 and build on a long-term experience, AP-Publishing works in every Italian region to help the producers and manufacturers to manage the technical communication and documentationWith almost twenty years of experience in the preparation of manuals and product information in general, AP Publishing proposes new solutions for technical content management and use. We help companies in editing technical documentation and structuring contents for instruction manuals and catalog, giving the possibility to any user to publish in any format, from paper (PDF) to mobile and web (HTML5). We believe in training, exchange of experiences and knowledge distribution. For this reason we train the personnel of those companies that want to use a structured documentation management.

Since 2006 we participate in the activities of the Italian Association for Technical Communication (COM&TEC).

We are active in these sectors:

electro-mechanical, for which we produce technical manuals, instruction manuals, catalogues and data sheets.

IT, with software guides, Online Help, structuring and management of corporate knowledge base.

e-learning and corporate training with innovative approaches based on interactivity, gaming and user involvement.

Our technicians are constantly involved in training and refresher courses on subjects related to technical communication