Guida alla Direttiva Macchine edizione 2.2 Ottobre 2019

Guida alla Direttiva Macchine edizione 2.2 Ottobre 2019

Fresca fresca di pubblicazione. Intanto vi riportiamo qui l’introduzione con indicate le modifiche e il link per scaricare la pubblicazione. Alla redazione hanno partecipato per l’Italia l’Ing. Emilio Borzelli e l’Ing. Roberto Cianotti.

The 2nd Edition of the Guide was endorsed by the Machinery Committee on 2 June 2010. In comparison with the 1st Edition, it was completed with comments on Annexes III to XI of the Machinery Directive. Some errors noticed by readers have been corrected. Legal references and terms have been updated in line with the Lisbon Treaty – in particular, where the Directive refers to ‘the Community’, the Guide now refers to ‘the EU’.

Following discussion with the industry, the comments relating to chains, ropes and webbing for lifting purposes in §44, §330, § 340, §341, and §357 have been revised in order to clarify the practical application of the requirements relating to these products.

The 2nd Edition also includes a thematic index to facilitate consultation of the Guide. The numbering of the sections of the Guide is unchanged.

The Guide takes account of the amendment to Directive 2006/42/EC introduced by Regulation (EC) No 569/2009 relating to the regulatory procedure with scrutiny for the Machinery Committee. It also takes account of the provisions of Regulation (EC) No 765/2008 relating to market surveillance, which apply in a complementary way.

The 1st Update to the 2nd Edition of the Guide, further named Edition 2.1, has been completed to include the amendments made to the Machinery Directive by 3

the Directive 2009/127/EC on Pesticide Equipment and the Regulation (EU) No 167/2013 on the approval and market surveillance of agricultural and forestry vehicles (Tractors). In addition, guidance on “partly completed machinery” and “assemblies” has been added, as well as inserting clarifications and corrections to the concepts of “safety components”, “new and used machinery”, “marking of machinery”. A number of key guidance decisions of the Machinery Working Group have been incorporated into this text.

This Update to the 2nd Edition of the Guide, further named Edition 2.2, contains a number of clarifications and corrections to the concepts of “safety components” and “partly completed machinery”, and some edits to ensure coherence with the LVD Guide. There are two newly added paragraphs about the machinery control units (§417) and safety components which are considered to be logic units (§418).

Come scritto a pagina 2: “It should be stressed that only the Machinery Directive and the texts implementing its
provisions into national law are legally binding”.

È importante considerare che solo la Direttiva Macchine e i testi che ne attuano le disposizioni tramite ordinamento nazionale sono da ritenersi vincolanti.

Guida direttiva macchine 200642CE – Ed 2-2 2019 EN

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